A Harpursville man, accused of driving while under the influence of drugs,  is now indicted on over a dozen counts in connection with the death of 16-year-old Harper Stantz March 11 on the West Side of Binghamton.

KEVIN WILCOX (Photo: Binghamton Police Department)

The Broome County District Attorney's Office says 33-year-old Kevin Wilcox was indicted April 25 by a Broome County Grand Jury on 15 counts, including felony charges of manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter and numerous counts of assault.

The indictment claims that Wilcox was driving while under the influence of drugs when his vehicle plowed into Stantz and her friend, 19-year-old Britney Laserinko near Recreation Park on Beethoven Street as the girls were walking home after playing tennis at the park.

Laserinko suffered serious injuries while Stantz died a couple days after the Jeep Wilcox was driving plowed into the girls walking on the sidewalk.

Laserinko's family has filed a civil suit against Wilcox that also names his mother, who owned the vehicle involved in the collision.

The complete list of charges in the indictment are:

125.14 Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, a Class B Felony;
125.15 Manslaughter, in the second degree, a Class C Felony;
120.04-a Aggravated Vehicular Assault, a Class C Felony;
125.12 Vehicular Manslaughter, in the second degree, a Class C Felony;
120.04 Vehicular Assault, in the first degree, a Class D Felony;
120.05 Assault, in the second degree, a Class D Felony (two counts);
120.03 Vehicular Assault, in the second degree, a Class E Felony (two counts);
120.20 Reckless Endangerment, in the second degree, a Misdemeanor (two counts);
1192-4 Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs, a Misdemeanor;
1212 Reckless Driving, a Misdemeanor;
1129-a Failure to Keep Right, a traffic infraction; and
1144-a Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle