There are a few less firearms to possibly find their way into the wrong hands and a few more groceries in the cupboard.

May 12, the group, Veterans for Peace, exchanged grocery certificates for guns at the American Civic Association in Binghamton, which had been the scene of a mass murder nine years ago.

A handful of guns were turned in for the 5th Groceries for Guns collection.

Veterans for Peace say many times people find firearms that have been left behind by loved ones who have passed or that have been sitting in storage and forgotten.

The guns are collected without question but the Sheriff’s Office does check to see if the weapons are in working order before they are redeemed for $50 certificates for long guns and $100 coupons for hand guns and assault rifles.

The guns are transported by authorities to a designated location to be melted down.

Past collections have been held at Saint James Church in Johnson City.

The group says it plans to have another collection in June.



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