Get the wrist-corsages ready, proms are back on in New York State.

The Health Department has released new guidance for gathering sizes and other protocols to allow for proms and graduations after the pandemic canceled everything for the class of 2020.

WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/Roger Neel Photo

Starting June 1, large-scale ceremonies of over 500 people can gather at outdoor venues at 20% capacity.  That applies to places that can seat 2,500 or more.  Medium-size ceremonies of 201 to 500 people can be held at outdoor venues limited to 33% capacity while small ceremonies of up to 200 people outdoors can allow two attendees per student with a limit of 50% capacity.

Proof of negative test result for the coronavirus or proof of immunization is optional.

Indoor ceremonies will be limited to 10% capacity for large groups over 150 people, 33% for gatherings of 101 to 150 people and two guests per student and 50% capacity for ceremonies indoors up to 100 people.

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Things that are widely handled among several people are discouraged. That means things like class-wide gift-giving and even cap-tossing are not recommended.

For proms, organizers are to make sure attendees are not congregating except at assigned tables, physically distanced while standing and face masks must be worn when not eating or drinking. Organizers can consider dance zones and alternating times for parties of a single group to dance together.

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