A Central Pennsylvania hospital that often treats critically ill children from the Twin Tiers says it has found the source of an infection that led to the deaths of three premature babies.

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Geisinger Medical Center in Danville says the process it was using to prepare donor breast milk was the source of the Pseudomonas bacterium that sickened at least eight babies, killing three infants.

The Associated Press reports Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Edward Hartle said in a statement there have been no new cases of infants becoming ill from the bacterium in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit since it switched to single-use equipment to process donor breast milk.

Hospital officials said the milk itself was not the source of exposure.

Parents of one of the babies who died at Geisinger filed a suit last month alleging officials failed to protect their son from the lethal bacterial infection that had already killed two other premature infants and failed to disclose concerns to parents.


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