As if normal computer problems aren’t headache enough, a former student of The College of St. Rose admits he inserted a USB Killer device in dozens of computers at the Albany-area school overloading systems.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

The United States Attorney’s Office says Akuthota pleaded guilty in federal court in Albany, not only admitting that he intentionally destroyed the computers but recorded himself on his iPhone DOING IT! Prosecutors say in the video, he made statements like, "I'm going to kill this guy" before inserting the USB Killer into a computer's USB port.

The device sends a command that causes the computer's capacitors to rapidly charge and discharge over and over, thereby overloading and destroying the computer USB port and electrical system.

Prosecutors say the episode on Valentine’s Day caused $58,471 in damage as the device was inserted into 66 computers, computer monitors and computer-enhanced podiums owned by the college.  Akuthota has agreed to pay that amount restitution to the college.​


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