None-too-soon for the handful of residents living on a road running through the City of Binghamton and Town of Kirkwood, their heavily damaged street is being repaired.

Hiner Road was so heavily damaged by flash flooding last month, residents and emergency equipment could not reach the homes there.

The New York State Department of Transportation has begun emergency repairs to the road that it believes will take around two weeks to complete.

In addition to Hiner Road, City officials say portions of Fairview Avenue and Popes Ravine Road were destroyed.  A temporary detour was routed through private property to allow residents and emergency vehicles to get through.

The work underway now on Hiner Road does not permanently address the problem.  Mayor Richard David met with residents September 4 to talk about the flooding issue and their concerns and transportation officials also said discussions are underway with federal and state representatives to identify funding and long term infrastructure solutions for areas repeatedly hit by flood damage.


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