Every week until August 10, 2022, 6:00PM - 8:00PM
SUNY Broome Business Bldg 205
907 Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905 United States

Additional Information

This class will investigate the history of Broome County and the surrounding area from prehistory to the present. We will look at common themes during different periods of history in Broome County and how they relate to regional, national, and international events. We will look at how Broome County is different or similar to other areas across New York State and the regional United States. We hope to learn something about our area and ourselves.

Broome County has been the site of a series of developments from the time of first human habitation over ten thousand years ago to waves of immigrants from nearly every part of the globe. It has been witness to Native American inhabitation, the arrival of canals and railroads, the development of major industries combined with the arrival of waves of immigrants, the reliance on Cold War industry at the time of great population shifts, and the downsizing of a familiar way of life.

But is Broome County unique, or is its history part of the larger scheme of American development? Nearby history, or local history as it will be called in this course, relies on looking at local developments as part of the “Big Picture.” By looking at ourselves, we learn to understand others.

The recommended text, Partners All: A History of Broome County, New York by Gerald R. Smith, former Broome County Historian, is available at the bookstore.

Instructor: Gerry Smith