February 24, school districts in New York can start reporting the number of teachers they have vaccinated against COVID-19 in anticipation of wider reopening to in-person learning.

Children Maintain Social Distancing at Earlham Primary School
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Governor Andrew Cuomo says he agrees with President Biden making the reopening of schools a priority but the call for resuming face-to-face learning is being met by resistance in some areas of the country as teachers have not been in the high-priority groups for vaccinations.

In New York, educators are included in group 1-b and have been scheduling appointments for vaccinations as they are available.

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Governor Cuomo yesterday said “Teachers are very concerned that before they return to the classroom, they are vaccinated.” He says “the question is how many have been vaccinated and how many are in-class teaching.

New York schools will be asked to report the percentage of vaccinated teachers working in classrooms weekly.

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