Work is underway to build a new fire department headquarters in Binghamton. 

Demolition got underway September 23 at 235 Court Street and 80 Pine Street to make way for the building of the new fire station to replace the facility at City Hall that is structurally unsound. 

Binghamton Mayor's office photo
Binghamton Mayor's office photo

Mayor Richard David announced plans to build a new $6.5-million headquarters after commissioning a study on the issue in January of 2019. 

The City had wanted to build on the site of a former public works garage on Brandywine Avenue, closing existing stations on West State Street and Robinson Street. 

Those plans were ditched and the City bought the lot at 235 Court Street from M-J Schoville, Incorporated for $220,000.  The City owned the adjacent parcels at 76 and 78 Pine Street and obtained the derelict building at 80 Pine Street following Broome County tax foreclosure in order to expand the footprint of the new fire headquarters. 

The new plans also do away the with closing of any fire stations and no firefighter positions are on the chopping block. 

The major construction on the new facility is to start next year and be finished by 2022. 

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Right now, since the facility at City Hall can’t handle the weight of the fire equipment, Binghamton is leasing space at 151 Court Street as a temporary fire station during the construction. 

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