Binghamton police have been investigating a series of incidents that have damaged lighting and posts at the downtown roundabout in recent weeks.

This is a view from above the roundabout in March 2014. (Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

Several posts and other decorative features around the Court Street traffic circle have been knocked down since September.

While some of the damage seemed to have been caused by vehicles, other incidents appeared to have been the result of vandalism.

Jared Kraham, executive assistant to the mayor, forwarded two photographs of posts which had been knocked down.

In an email, Kraham noted there had been "more mystery damage to the roundabout." He indicated Binghamton police were investigating.

Downtown workers said there appeared to have been additional incidents in recent days.

Several posts have been damaged. While many were pulled out of their concrete anchors completely, some have not been removed from where they were placed in 2012.

Since the roundabout was built as part of the Court Street Gateway Project, police have documented occasional incidents in which vehicles have caused damage.

Some of the cases involved driver error, intoxication or inattention.

Mayor Richard David has been an outspoken critic of the roundabout. During his campaign, David called for changes to the traffic circle.

Since taking office, David has continued to maintain changes are needed at the intersection but he has said the cost of any work would pose a challenge.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
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