While we often think about the holidays, we think about our two-legged friends. The ones we really should focus on buying something for are our four-legged pals that greet us at the doors of our home each night. This holiday season, don’t skimp out on your pet, get them something nice from the locally owned and operated Creature Comforts store in Binghamton.

Creature Comforts has the largest selection of inventory in the area. You can find pet supplies, fish tanks, small animal supplies, and many other items in their store. If you take a stroll through Creature Comforts, odds are you’ll find something you believe will be great for your pet to use.

Three items to get your pet this holiday season:

1. Treats

What doggo doesn’t like a big bone? We all deserve a snack sometimes. Creature Comforts has a variety of treats for cats and dogs. They also offer a wide selection for smaller pets if you have a guinea pig or mouse.

Creature Comforts via Facebook

2. Clothes

It sounds kind of silly, but during the winter your pet might appreciate having a coat or sweater. Plus, boots for cats and dogs can also be helpful not only in the winter but also in the summer when the pavement gets too warm.

Creature Comforts via Facebook

3. Toys

You can’t go wrong with getting your pet something new to play with. If you don’t have a cat or dog and have another type of pet, instead you might get them a new home or ramp to play in while they are in their pen.

If these three ideas weren’t enough, you can always take your pet along to Creature Comforts with you and have them help choose. Who knows, instead of opting for the squeaky toy, maybe they’ll want the tug of war rope instead.

Creature Comforts is open all days of the week. They also have a knowledgeable staff to help you choose what to buy this holiday season. If you don’t have much time for shopping in person, you can also order your items online and pick them up in the store. Don’t wait to visit the store, check out their selection of items online now.