Many vaccination clinics to battle the coronavirus are finding themselves on shaky ground as supplies continue to only trickle in from the federal government to states and then down to localities.

Broome County Willow Point Photo
Broome County Willow Point Photo (file vaccine photo)

Chenango County says it has not gotten any COVID-19 vaccine doses this week.  Still, the county health department is now starting to provide weekly vaccine updates.

In a posting on the Health Department facebook page, Chenango County reports 615 shots have been administered so far.

January 26, officials posted that there was no allocation received from the New York State Department of Health this week. The D.O.H. says they have seven days to distribute any vaccine they do get and those doses for now are being administered to forward facing medical workers under Group 1A, law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, adult care facilities and facilities operated by the Office for people with Developmental Disabilities as well as residents aged 65 and over in Group 1B.

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The County reports of the 615 doses it had received so far, 220 went to residents over the age of 65 at a clinic at the Broad Street United Methodist Church with the rest going to the congregate care facilities and emergency and medical workers.  The County says Bartle’s Pharmacy Partnership administered 250 vaccines from their own allocation for people age 65 from a wait list.

Chenango County has a waitlist for groups 1A and 1B who will be notified by email when vaccines and appointments are available. Chenango County residents can email their name, date of birth, address, phone number and eligibility criteria to

Meanwhile, Broome County reported it received 400 doses this week for appointments that were filled up in less than an hour for groups 1A and 1B.  It has been asking for at least 1,000 doses each week from the state but has only received a few hundred a week.

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