New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says as the state and local governments try to keep close track on where COVID-19 cases are and people who may have been exposed, it’s important residents realize an unusual call they may get on their cell phone is real. 

Kathy Whyte. WNBF News
Kathy Whyte. WNBF News

Cuomo says if you get a call that says NYS contact tracing.. ANSWER IT. It is not a scam. It’s a call from the tracing system to inform you about a possible exposure.

Use of contact tracers through the state for keeping track of exposure to the coronavirus is new, especially on the current scale.  But local health departments have used contact tracers in keeping tabs on infectious diseases for years and even law enforcement agencies use tracers in their criminal investigations.

The State, however, is using thousands of new employees to be able to reach out to residents with whom an infected person reports they may have been in contact.

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