The judge in the fourth murder trial for 54 year old Calvin Harris of Spencer is moving the bench trial proceedings right along, eliminating any unnecessary down time between presentations by the lawyers on each side.

The Harris family babysitter was called to testify on the first day in a Schoharie County Court, drawing into question why Cal didn’t go looking for his missing, estranged wife, Michele and why he quickly cleared all her items out of their home, selling much of it at a garage sale.

The prosecution questioned Barbara Thayer’s integrity and history with the family.

Cal Harris is accused of murdering his wife to prevent her from getting a large portion of his fortune and a share of his car dealership in the divorce.

The defense has argued that the prosecution has ignored the possibility of other suspects and accused the team of concocting evidence based on witness accounts.

Harris’ first two murder trials ended in convictions, which were overturned on appeal.  The third trial, that had been moved from Tioga to Schoharie County, ended in a hung jury.


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