Broome County is reporting a big jump in coronavirus cases. 

getty images/ wildpixel
getty images/ wildpixel

Friday, September 25, Broome County reported an increase of 75 cases of COVID-19 from the Thursday briefing for a total of 1,452.  The Thursday total of 1,377 was an increase of 31 cases since the Sunday, September 29 tally.  

A statement from County Executive Jason Garnar and the County Health Department said Friday they “received the highest number of COVID-19 positive test results in Broome County to date.”  Part of that may be due to increased testing from the start of the pandemic, but county officials in the statement attributed many of the cases to people gathering socially and visiting local bars and restaurants. 

Authorities are urging residents to “stay vigilant” and follow the safety guidelines like social distancing, mask-wearing and hand washing in order to “keep Broome County businesses open and safe.” 

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