The November 1 update on COVID-19 cases in Broome County was expected push the county over another threshold.

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With new cases numbering from 68 to 107 a day over the previous week, the county was projected to pass 25,000 cases since the start of the pandemic by November 1.  Friday, October 29, the County reported 24,949 total cases.  That was an increase of 107 since the October 28 update.

Hospitalizations remain the highest of the Southern Tier Counties with 100 Broome residents reported hospitalized Friday.

Getty Images jarun011
Getty Images jarun011

Chenango County had 6 hospitalization reported Friday, Cortland County had 2 and Delaware County had five in the hospital for treatment of COVID-19.

Broome also leads in active cases at 743. The next closest was Cortland County, which reported 124 active cases in the Friday report.

During his weekly update, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar again held Binghamton University up as an example of controlling the coronavirus through vaccination.  While the University saw a large number of cases in the beginning of the semester, it now has a positivity rate well below one percent with over 95% of the campus vaccinated.

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