Broome County Sheriff David Harder says some focus of daily law enforcement duties have shifted with the coronavirus pandemic but don't think police work is "on pause."

The Sheriff and decades-long veteran of law enforcement in Broome County is on the weekly, local public affairs program, Southern Tier Close Up to talk about what issues deputies and investigators have been dealing with since mid-March when shutdown and pause orders took effect.

[Bob Joseph/WNBF News

[Bob Joseph/WNBF News[/caption]Harder says, while orders for no unnecessary travel were in effect and people were told to stay home, problems emerged with people taking advantage of far less traffic to try out their hot-rod fantasies.  Contrary to false information on social media, Harder says officers are enforcing traffic laws.

The Sheriff says officers have also encountered an increase in some jurisdictions of larceny and burglary crimes as people have tried to take advantage of closed and unsupervised businesses.  Harder says his Deputies have been doing special site-checks, often leaving notes on businesses letting owners know when they check on their property that law enforcement has been there.

One aspect of the pandemic situation that could never have been anticipated is officers being called on to enforce social distancing and the wearing of masks.  Complaints can be reported by calling (607) 778-1911.  Those complaints should not be reported on 911. That line should be kept solely for real emergencies.

Sheriff Harder also has advice for residents as the effects of the pandemic will continue for some time:  be cautious and look out for potential scams.  They could include everything from the usual seasonal roving repairman offers to bogus COVID-19 cures and testing and financial schemes.

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