A study done by SmartAsset revealed how each New York county fairs when it comes to tax return season, and Broome County residents might not be thrilled with the results.

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Tax refund season is one of my favorite parts of the year. After spending so much time working and filing tax paperwork, it's always a welcome surprise to finally get that tax refund check in the mail. Sure, it's technically your money since you get a refund for overpaying your taxes throughout the year, but it still feels like a magic tax fairy dropped a giant check off in your mailbox for no reason.

Well, if you live in Broome County, that giant check might not be as big as the one being dropped off in other New York counties.

According to the SmartAsset study, Broome County ranks 46th out of 62 New York counties when it comes to the size of the average tax refund. With an average tax refund amount of $2,520, Broome County residents might find themselves a little jealous of other counties, like New York county with an average tax refund amount of $4,228.

Even neighboring counties outrank Broome County in average tax refund amount, with Tioga County ranked 39th, Cortland County ranked 42nd, Chenango County ranked 31st, and Delaware County ranked 41st.

And on the flip side of the tax coin, Broome County ranked 25th among the 62 New York counties in the amount of taxes owed at $4,184. And when it comes to taxes owed, those neighboring counties are better off by a much wider margin than the average refund amount. Tioga County ranked 52nd, Cortland County ranked 45th, Chenango County 61st, and Delaware County 51st.

So compared to other New York Counties, Broome isn't so well off come tax season. But at least it's not Hamilton County which ranks last with an average tax refund amount of $2,140.

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