Security at Broome County office buildings may be adjusted following the mass shooting in California.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

County Executive Debra Preston told WNBF News she planned to meet with security division director James Dadamio on Friday to review existing security procedures.

Authorities in San Bernardino say a man who worked for the county public health department was one of the people who opened fire on other government employees at a holiday party.

Preston on Thursday said Broome County is "always looking to address" security issues.

The county executive said security officials need to be sure procedures are "as tight as they can be."

Preston said about 600 employees work at the Edwin L. Crawford County Office Building in downtown Binghamton.

Most visitors to the building must pass through a metal detector and turn over certain items to be checked by a screening device. A television news reporter's video equipment was subjected to special scrutiny Thursday afternoon. A security officer required the camera to be turned on before the reporter could proceed.

At the same time, a county employee flashed an identification card allowing her to bypass the checkpoint and walk up a staircase to the second floor.

Employees, certain government officials and vendors are permitted to enter the building without going through a metal detector or being screened for weapons.

Preston said if the security division director believes procedures need to be beefed up, changes will be implemented.

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