Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says he hopes to have a rapid testing site operating at least on the West Side of the City of Binghamton, that’s been identified as a COVID-19 hotspot zip code, by the latter part of the weekend. 

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New York State has sent equipment to be able to return a coronavirus test result in fifteen minutes to areas that have seen recent outbreaks, including the 13905 zip code. 

Garnar says the goal is to have the fast tests available all over the county, especially since there are hundreds of residents who don’t have cars to be able to get to other testing locations. 

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The Democrat adds the key to getting a grip on the spread of COVID-19 is testing.  Faster results get infected people into isolation quicker so they aren’t spreading the coronavirus and aids in contact tracing.  All that relates to being able to keep people working and schools open if they don’t have to be taken out of society waiting for the results of a COVID test. 

As for contact tracing, county leaders through the region are urging residents to cooperate fully if they are contacted by a health department tracer.  Garnar says “answer the phone” and once contacted by tracers, honestly answer the questions.  He says no one is going to get in trouble. Officials just want to be able to quickly and accurately identify areas of infection and stop the spread. 

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