Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says he is allowing all gyms and fitness centers in the county to reopen, including in-person classes, on the first available date being allowed by New York State with proper protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Thinkstock/ Rido franz
Thinkstock/ Rido franz


Governor Andrew Cuomo announced August 17 that gyms could finally reopen starting August 24 and by September 2nd after being shut at the start of the pandemic but only operating at 33%, with approved ventilation/air filtration systems and requirements that masks be worn at all times.  Local governments are responsible for inspections and enforcement. 

County Executive Garnar says he will not delay the opening and the health department will inspect all facilities for compliance within the required two weeks after the start date. 

In his announcement of opening protocols, the Governor left the issue of classes held in some fitness club buildings up to the counties.  

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With the approval from Broome’s County Executive, things like spin classes, aerobics and yoga will be by appointment or reservation only with a maximum class capacity capped at the number of people who can participate and maintain the 6-feet social distancing rules and in no case be more than 33% of the typical class size.  The guidelines also recommend adjusting class schedules to allow sufficient time for cleaning in-between sessions. 

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