Broome County has a new enforcement unit to check up on complaints about businesses not complying with the rules that allowed them to reopen following the state-wide coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

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County Executive Jason Garnar says a half dozen officers with the Fire Investigation Unit will be following up on complaints especially at businesses getting repeat reports.  Those in violation could be subject to fines from New York Sate.

Garnar says the majority of businesses and organizations are complying with things like occupancy limits, mask-wearing and social distancing and it’s not right that a few that don’t follow the rules could contribute to increased COVID-19 cases and a possible back-tracking in the reopening.

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Complaints about businesses can be made on a form at the New York State Pause website: or call 1-833-789-0470.

The word of the stepped-up enforcement comes as Broome County is set to mark the 4-month anniversary of the first confirmed coronavirus case.  The County is now seeing a jump again in cases with seven new reported July 15 for a total of 815 and 58 deaths.  The latest of those deaths were July 10 as a man in his 80s, a man in his 70s, a man in his 90s and a woman in her 70s, all residents of Willow Point Nursing Home succumbed to COVID-19.

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