According to a press release from Broome County Executive Jason Garner's office, Brian Norris has been appointed the new Broome County Division of Security Officer.

The release quotes Garner as saying “I’m excited to announce my selection of Brian Norris as Broome County Division of Security Officer”, “We’re excited for him to take on this new role with the department”.

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I spoke with Brian on WNBF Binghamton Now Monday morning about his new position, he said he was excited about the new role, and that he has been given a lot of support from his staff, and other department heads within the division.

Norris said “there’s a lot to learn, and I am going to pick it up as fast as I can”

Some of Brian’s goals as he starts his new position would be to try and stream line some of the infrastructure and help assist other departments who may need help.

Diversity was another area that Brian will continue to work on, Norris said “I plan to continue our community outreach programs and build them to connect with Broome County residents”.

Brian Norris has worked for the department for 14 years, he took over the position from the previous Security Director James Dadamio who retired this year.


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