Binghamton University is set to co host an international LOCO Festival beginning Monday, the four-day free event will highlight the global refugee crisis.

The news does not often paint an accurate picture of the individuals and families who flee their homes and their countries because of the cruelty and inhumanity inflicted from war, poverty and oppression.

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This happened all around the world and I can’t imagine my family, friends or myself in those horrible situations.

The LOCO festival draw attention and creates solidarity and cooperation for many refugees seeking asylum from these horrible situations throughout the world.

According to a news release, Binghamton University is co hosting the very first international version of the LOCO festival along with many active partners including the American Civic Center in Binghamton, the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility.

The project was created in Spain its purpose to raise awareness of issues surrounding refugees   the importance of human rights, and activism.

The LOCO festival will be virtual and includes online educational activities.

The festival will also offer workshop discussions, and a virtual art gallery, featuring works by Binghamton University, and local high school students, the community is also welcome to share videos on creating their cultural dishes

The LOCO Festival begins Monday May 3rd through Thursday May 6th

For more information and to join the Festival CLICK HERE

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