Binghamton is marking a milestone with a backhoe.  The City kicked off the 2019 Blighted Property Demolition season by flattening its 100th property since the current mayor took office.

Photo courtesy Binghamton Mayor's Office
Photo courtesy Binghamton Mayor's Office

Mayor Richard David says Binghamton has torn down more eyesores “than any other local municipality or administration to date.”

The zombie property with the distinction of being the 100th to be razed since 2014 was at 4 Amsbry Street on the North Side.

Other properties to be torn down in this round of demolitions are on Lyon, Franklin, Holland, Duke, Grand, Pine and Vine Streets.

Six of the lots were on the Broome County tax foreclosure list before the City snatched them up.

Once the properties are cleared, the vacant lots will go into the City’s program that offers plots for purchase by adjoining property owners or kept as permanent green space for flood hazard mitigation.

Blighted properties in the City are targeted for demolition as vacant and abandoned buildings bring down property values in neighborhoods and often attract and harbor crime.

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