A Binghamton High School teacher was injured in the aftermath of a fight between two girls.

Police say the students involved in the incident in the school cafeteria were arrested.

The disturbance happened shortly before 8 a.m. May 6 at the high school at 31 Main Street.

Principal Roxie Oberg said the dispute may have been a continuation of an earlier disagreement between the girls.

Oberg said three other students tried to be "proactive" and separated the girls to prevent the fight from escalating.

The prinicipal said the incident "started quickly and they were pulled apart quickly."

A teacher who was familiar with one of the girls approached her and she was struck when the girl flung an arm back. Oberg said that caused the teacher to lose her balance and fall to the floor.

The teacher sustained an injury to an eye or near an eye, apparently when her glasses struck the floor. The teacher was taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

Police say the girls who were fighting are 15- and 16-years-old. Both were arrested. The older girl was charged with disorderly conduct. The younger girl was being treated as a juvenile offender and information about possible charges was not released.

School superintendent Marion Martinez said "there will be consequences" for the students who were involved in the incident.

Oberg praised the actions of the other students who intervened to break up the fight.

The principal said about 1600 students are enrolled at the high school.