It is our job to keep you informed with local, state, and national news as best we can, and unfortunately, many times it's not news in a good way.

So, that's why we try to find positive news to pass along to you whenever we can. And here is something good from our corner of the Southern Tier of New York, that I think our community would be proud of.

According to the Catholic Schools of Broome County, at Binghamton's St. John the Evangelist School, a team consisting of first, third, and fifth-grade students has advanced to the Odyssey of the Mind 2024 World Finals to be held in the State of Iowa May 21st through the 24th, 2024.

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These talented students placed successfully in the regional and state tournaments, which earned them the advancement to the World Finals. The St. John's team is the only one from Broome County who will be at this year's World Finals.

Catholic Schools of Broome County notes that "the team has been working hard since October on their problem "Opening Night Antics." The students were challenged to create a short performance about the opening night of a play where everything went wrong. Over the last seven months, the students created props and set pieces, wrote a full script, and practiced for hours each week to get ready."

I have watched these students spend endless hours devoted to preparation for their prior Odyssey of the Mind competitions and couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishment. This is a big win for not only for St. John’s and Catholic Schools of Broome Country, but also for the whole area as we support our young people in achieving such a prestigious honor.  - St. John's Principal, Emily Regan

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