Binghamton Mayor Jared M. Kraham on Wednesday August 30, 2023, released a City-funded report on the condition of railroad bridges located in various sections of the city.

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According to the released report from Binghamton Mayor Kraham, a majority of railroad bridges inspected in the city were reported to be in poor to severe condition. Almost half of those bridges have been flagged for structural or safety concerns.

photo provided by the City of Binghamton

This detailed and damning report confirms what residents have lived with for years. Railroad companies, in particular Norfolk Southern, have failed to properly maintain bridges they own in Binghamton, leading to significant structural and safety concerns. These bridges are unsightly, crumbling and potentially dangerous. This report puts railroad companies on notice for the deplorable condition of their infrastructure. I will seek all avenues to make sure fixes are made. - Binghamton Mayor Jared M. Kraham

Railroad inspection report photo_Front St
photo provided by the City of Binghamton

Of the 25 bridges in the city that were inspected, 15 are in poor or severe condition, and 12 have “significant structural and/or safety concern that should be investigated and addressed by the Railroad,” according to the report.

While a majority of the railroad bridges located in Binghamton are owned by Norfolk Southern, three bridges are owned by New York Susquehanna & Western.

Railroad inspection report photo_exposed rebar 2
photo provided by the City of Binghamton


The cost of the visual inspections came to $41,000, conducted by the Binghamton engineering firm, HUNT-EAS. That amount was paid through local funding.

The report notes that copies of the inspection results have been sent to the railroad companies along with federal regulators and lawmakers.

For the complete and detailed report, click here.

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