Binghamton Mayor Richard David says he has his sights set on preserving the well-being of residents while enhancing safety, improving neighborhoods, building on affordable housing, fixing infrastructure and cutting taxes.  All those ambitious goals have been laid out in the Republican’s annual State of the City Address. 

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Among major announcements were plans to start shopping for a new Fire Department Headquarters as the current facilities would be too expensive to repair, saving Minor League Baseball in the area, reducing taxes, moving ahead with the North Side grocery store development and renovating the Recreation and MacArthur Park tennis courts, renaming them in memory of Harper Stanz who was killed by an impaired driver last year.

As for taxes, Mayor David says he is working on the 2020-21 budget proposal to nail down the specific numbers but the City is on track to reduce the property taxes on both residences and businesses for a fifth year.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)

The Republican is echoing recent calls for more affordable housing in the City.  David says millions are being invested in the housing stock ranging from high-end to market-rate and family-affordable units.

That housing stock is also to be better protected from flooding according to the Mayor’s annual speech.  David says he expects an on-going study of the condition of the levees to be complete by the end of year.