Sentencing is scheduled for April for a Binghamton man convicted for a second time in a sex trafficking case.


Twenty-eight-year-old Antonio Ballard had been convicted of selling three teenage girls into prostitution, forcing them to give him half of what they were paid for protection but that was overturned earlier this year and a retrial ordered.  Ballard was found guilty by a federal jury on five counts earlier this week.

Ballard had been accused of advertising sex for sale with the 16 and 15-year-old girls on an internet site, posting their pictures then arranging for them to meet with “johns” in actions dating back to 2014.  His defense claimed at least one of the girls had already been engaged in prostitution before her affiliation with Ballard.

Still, the Federal Jury Monday convicted Ballard of three counts of sex trafficking of a child and two counts of persuading a child to engage in prostitution.  The convictions carry a minimum prison term of ten years.


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