A sign posted at a shuttered fire station on West Street in Binghamton's First Ward. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]

The three Democratic members of Binghamton City Council say they don't want job cuts in the fire department.

A statement released by Dani Cronce, Conrad Taylor and Justin MacGregor expressed concern about possible consolidation in the department and the potential for a loss of jobs.

Last week, Mayor Richard David acknowledged during a radio interview he's "been exploring" the concept of a consolidated fire station. The mayor said he "would ask for a review of possible scenarios." He stressed there had been "internal" discussions with the fire department administration.

In the statement, Taylor said it would be "incredibly disappointing" for the North Side to lose its fire station on West State Street "in any scenario."

On WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program Tuesday, the mayor said the "honeymoon" with councilman Taylor is over, suggesting he was playing politics with the issue. David noted no proposal has been made to close fire stations or pursue staffing cuts in the fire department.

Speaking of the Democratic councilmembers, the mayor said "they haven't spoken to me about their concerns."

Minutes later on the same program, Councilman Justin MacGregor said he was "overwhelmed with messages" from residents who were concerned about last week's comments made by the mayor.

MacGregor said the statement released by the council Democrats was not "an attack on the administration by any means."

MacGregor said after David initially discussed the matter on the radio, one of the first things he did was to call Jared Kraham in the mayor's office. He said he sought the mayor's point of view on the matter so he could communicate it to his constituents.


Station One at 259 Conklin Avenue on Binghamton's South Side. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]


Station Two at 180 Main Street on Binghamton's West Side. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]


Station Three at 39 West State Street on Binghamton's North Side. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]


Station Four at 176 Robinson Street on Binghamton's East Side. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]


A chief's truck parked in front of Binghamton Fire Department headquarters on State Street. [Bob Joseph/WNBF News][/caption]For breaking news and updates on developing stories, follow @BinghamtonNow on Twitter.

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