Classes for hundreds of Binghamton children will continue to be held at temporary sites when the next school year starts because the new MacArthur Elementary School won't be ready to open.

Binghamton City School District officials had hoped the South Side project would be sufficiently completed to permit instruction to begin at the site in September.

But Karry Mullins, assistant superintendent for administration, told WNBF News that's not going to happen.

Mullins said after discussions with the project contractor, the schedule has been adjusted. She said the school district now is working with November 16, 2015, as the "substantial completion date."

Mullins said that's the date when the building could be turned over to the district. But officials don't know when a temporary certificate of occupancy could be granted to allow the move-in process to begin.

The original MacArthur School was torn down after it was severely damaged by the 2011 flood.

Since the flood, the school's 450 students have been attending classes at temporary sites on Binghamton's West Side and in Hillcrest.

Mullins said workers are "moving pretty quickly" at the Vestal Avenue site where the new school is being constructed.

The first steel delivery to the site was made two weeks ago. One large section of the school now has taken shape with the erection of the steel beams.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

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