The man accused of leading a huge heroin-dealing ring in the Binghamton area is still resisting offers by prosecutors to cut him a little slack on jail time.

Terrance “Money” Wise is again rejecting the offer of a plea deal that could have sent him to prison for s15 years instead of the potential of up to life in prison for being the first person charged in Broome County under the “Kingpin” law, accused of being a major player in a drug dealing operation.

Wise was arrested with several others, two of which are also accused of being kingpins, in a raid that nabbed 2,700 bags of heroin and more than $30,000 this summer.

The other two kingpins have pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors say they believe the network distributed over $100,000 worth of heroin in Broome County that came from New York City between April and July.

The other defendents in the case are 32 year old Christopher Clerveau of Kirkwood, who is charged with 36 counts, 30 year old Anthony Guccia of the Town of Union, who faces 13 counts, 24 year old Cassandra Bennet of Johnson City, who is charged with 11 counts and 26 year old Karen Sadonis of Endicott, who is charged with three counts.