Binghamton public works crews have been busy filling in hundreds of potholes in recent days.

Conditions on many heavily-traveled city streets had deteriorated by the end of winter with a proliferation of potholes that made life miserable for drivers.

First deputy public works commissioner Pat Torrico says the crews are out every day trying to fill as many potholes as quickly as possible.

Motorists may report potholes by calling the public works dispatch office at 607.772.7020. Online reports also may be made here.

Torrico told WNBF News an asphalt recycling unit has helped the department in its efforts to tackle the pothole problem.

Torrico said the department's milling and paving program should get underway within the next couple of weeks.

Eight to nine miles of city streets may be resurfaced this year.

Torrico said that will be somewhat less than last year, when more than ten miles of streets were covered by the mill-and-pave program.


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