Property owners in the City of Binghamton will be getting a small reduction in taxes this year as City Council has unanimously approved Mayor Richard David’s proposed $35.2 million  tax budget, with City spending of close to $95 million.

WNBF News/ Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/ Roger Neel Photo

The amended budget reduces residential property taxes about 1% and the commercial rate about a .5%.

In a statement issued following the vote, Mayor David thanked City Council for passing a bipartisan budget for a fifth year.  He said, “Binghamton leads our region in providing annual tax relief for residents while maintaining critical public services..”

In his September 12th budget address, the Republican, who is in his final term due to term limits, announced plans to spend $23.4 million for public safety, $2.4 million for parks and recreation and $8.6 million for street reconstruction, maintenance and underground utility improvements.  David also announced plans to apply for over $12 million through the state BUILD program to pay for most of a $15 million rebuilding of Main Street from Front Street to the Johnson City border.

Also October 17, City Council approved spending no more than $500 on the plans for re-imagination of use for the main entrance to Ross Park Zoo on the South Side. Cornell University’s Design Connect program is currently talking to residents and looking at the site to come up with ideas for the Park Street gate.

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