A dedication ceremony for Binghamton's ACA Memorial Park may be held in September.

The park at Front and Clinton streets is very close to completion.

The memorial is to honor those who died in the American Civic Association shooting incident on April 3, 2009.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, project coordinator David Marsland, whose wife died as a result of the shooting, said most of the work at the park has been finished.

Rochester-area glass artist Milon Townsend created thirteen bird figurines for the park.

Townsend said the figurines are unique because of their design and the way they're displayed on poles encircling the center of the park.

Townsend noted the glass bird sculptures have to be able to handle the weather extremes of Binghamton.

The glass artist was in the city to do some maintenance work and make a few adjustments to the figurines at the memorial site.

Townsend said a triple adhesive combined with a mechanical system will be used to improve the way the glass birds are attached to the poles at the park.

Ultimately, each bird is expected to be replaced over time with an enhanced design so they'll be able to better withstand very hot and very cold temperatures.

More information about the ACA Memorial Park may be found here.