The Rochester-area glass artist who created the thirteen bird figurines for Binghamton's ACA Memorial Park says he's pleased with the way they look when they're lighted at night as part of the display.

Milon Townsend says the effect "works better than I had hoped it would."

The park at the southeast corner of Front and Clinton streets is designed to honor those who were fatally shot at the American Civic Association on April 3, 2009.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program this morning, Townsend said he's "very, very pleased" with the mounted figurines that are one of the more prominent parts of the memorial.

Townsend said people are passengers in a vehicle approaching the memorial park will notice how the overall composition changes because of the number of pieces that are part of the installation. He said the image changes significantly as you move around the site.

Townsend said "no matter what angle you see it from, it appears different" and the birds "appear very lifelike."

The artist said the lights are so bright, they might have to be dimmed "just a tad" at night.

The glass birds recently were removed so Townsend could closely examine them to see how they were faring during the cold weather. He said they appeared to hold up well in the wintery conditions.

Construction at the memorial park is nearly completion. A dedication program is planned later this spring.


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