May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) is a serious day of celebration, but more so in the United States than in Mexico.  It commemorates a major military victory in Mexico, the defeat of the French Army at the historic Battle of Puebla in 1862.  Today, in Mexico it is a rather muted celebratory day.  It is not, as some think, Mexican Independence Day.

Now, the United States.

It took a while for the holiday celebration to reach America, but when it did it exploded.  Today the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is highlighted by parties, dancing, get-togethers at locals bars and cantinas, and a general wild, good time.  It is celebrated from the Southwest all the way to Upstate New York.  And, although I don't know for sure, the official drink of Cinco de Mayo has to be the margarita.

So, on May 5th we offer up for you a list of 15 top bars, restaurants, and cantinas that will help you celebrate with some of the best, most epic margaritas you will find anywhere.  The list covers all regions of the Upstate area and there are links to each venue.  Some are in big cities like Albany and Buffalo, and others are located in much smaller (but no less fun) places like tiny Pine Hills, New York, population under 300 residents.


Note:  Rather than show photo after photo after photo of a margarita, you will also see in this list maybe a bottle of Mexican beer, a shot of tequila, or a colorful, spicy mixed drink.  No matter.  Rest assured each of these places definitely has a 'margarita with your name on it" waiting for you!

If your favorite margarita "watering hole" is not mentioned, please feel free to do so in the comment section. We will be happy to share the news.



Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With a Margarita at These 15 Upstate New York Mexican Cantinas

Did you know that the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo is actually celebrated more in the United States than it is in Mexico? Here are 15 great Upstate New York Mexican restaurants and cantinas that have made a name for themselves for making an epic margarita.

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