I'm not the nightlife person I used to be. Must be the age thing. I tend to spend my evenings at home more often these days. Back in the day, you'd find me at a few of my favorite places that are no longer around, including Popeyes, Uncle Tony's, The Eclipse, and a few small neighborhood bars. The late 70s, 80s, and 90s were the decades you'd find me out at area bars and nightclubs the most.

Not so much now, but the nightlife scene in the Greater Binghamton area continues on just fine without me. No matter what kind of nightlife venue you prefer, I think there is something for everyone in the Triple Cities area.

Maybe you're looking for a place to dance, or maybe you want to watch a local band, hang out at the bar with friends, watch sports, enjoy some great bar food, or whatever gets you through the doors of a local establishment, the Triple Cities has you covered.

So, I thought I'd check the Yelp! rating system to find out what are some of the local bars and nightclubs were getting the most positive reviews. Granted, most positive reviews don't necessarily mean they are the best bar or nightclub in the area, but they sure do have a lot of fans who take the time to write a review.

If your favorite establishment is missing from the list, take a moment sometime and give them a good review. I'm sure they will appreciate it. And here we go.

Best Rated Bars & Nightclubs

via Yelp!

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