The annual Bandera Family Christmas dinner only has about half of the funds it needs to provide a complete Christmas meal to thousands of area residents.

In it's 25th year, the dinner is facing financial hardship for the first time.  The funding gap comes mostly from an absence of corporate sponsorships this year.

Bill Bandera, who organizes the yearly feast, says the dinner will go on whether the full $8000 is raised or not.  He says some items may have to be eliminated from the meal, a decision that would be difficult for him.

The annual Christmas dinner began in 1989 and now serves upwards of 4,000 people.  The meal is held in honor of Bandera's parents who were very active and generous in the community.

Bandera says donations have picked up in the past week and he's hoping to reach and even surpass the $8000 goal to help fund next year's dinner as well.

If you'd like to contribute to the Bandera Family Christmas dinner, you can do so by clicking HERE.