The YMCA of Broome County's Livestrong at the YMCA Program for cancer survivors will hold the First Annual Walk for Survivors this Saturday, July 19 from 2- 4 PM at the Conklin  Fairgrounds and Dog Park at 942 Conklin Road.

The Walk will honor local cancer survivors and provide inspiration for those still battling the disease.  There will be prizes awarded for the youngest and oldest walkers and longest distance traveled to participate.  Registration fee is $10 and payable at the event.

Livestrong at the Y is a free 12-week program that helps cancer survivors battle back against cancer.  Participants and their caregivers are provided with free YMCA memberships while a part of the program.  Membership includes specialized exercise sessions as well as individual and group support for the body, mind and spirit.

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Participants are asked to wear a yellow shirt if they are a survivor and a black shirt if they are walking in support of someone who is fighting cancer.