Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Weather conditions are gradually improving across the region as far as snowfall is concerned but the second punch of the first winter storm of 2014 is moving in. 

As the front moves eastward and snow diminishes, winds are coming into play, gusting up to 25 miles an hour and pushing wind chills to as low as -35. The winds are also causing blowing snow and reduced visibilities. 

States of emergency have been declared in just a few Southern Tier municipalities in spite of Governor Andrew Cuomo declaring a state-wide emergency in order to bring into play more resources for impacted communities. 

Generally, residents are being advised to stay off the roads and to get vehicles off the streets, if possible, until conditions improve to allow plows to clear roads.

Police also remind residents clearing driveways and sidewalks that it is illegal to blow or throw snow into the street.

Local highway supervisors are reporting low salt supplies but say there are no plans to cut back on road treatments.