A woman who had been watching a number of children and who was driving a car that backed into a 4 year old, killing her is now being charged.

New York State Police say that 37-year-old Brenda Hadlick was babysitting the victim, four-year-old Kenzee Wheeler and several other children Thursday, when she accidentally struck the child as she was backing her vehicle in the driveway at a Mountain Road, Windsor residence shortly after 8 a.m. November 15th.

The child was airlifted to Wilson Memorial Hospital where she died.

Authorities have indicated that Hadlock was apparently rushing to get the children to the school bus stop and the vehicle door was open with Wheeler outside the car as Hadlick was backing up.

Hadlick was released following arraignment to await a Grand Jury hearing.

(Updated 11/17 by Kathy Whyte)