The city-owned green space at Court and State streets in downtown Binghamton was unoccupied at midday Monday.

While dozens of people were being arrested in New York City as protesters marked the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, there were no signs of activity at the Binghamton site where tents sprang up last September.

The Occupy Binghamton supporters stayed for weeks at the small parcel where the O'Neil and Ross Buildings once stood.

Mayor Matthew Ryan did not require a permit for those who set up tents to demonstrate support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In January, Ryan ordered the property cleared after repeatedly urging those who remained to leave because of the cold weather and deterioration of the site.

Tents and other items were picked up by Department of Public Works employees and hauled away.

City council approved a ban on camping on public property without a permit following the Occupy Binghamton encampment.

The mayor vetoed the measure but lawmakers overrode the veto.