The half dozen newly retired racing greyhounds transported out of the area of West Virginia where chemicals had contaminated a major drinking supply are quickly learning how to be family pets instead of doggie athletes.

The first day in Indy's foster home in Binghamton, the handsome boy was pretty confused and would just dash for the safety of his crate when anyone looked at him.

By the middle of the next day, the three year old was venturing out of the crate, playing with greyhound, Wizard and being snarked at by Abby, the grand lady greyhound of the house.

Indy also started seeking out pets and hugs from the humans in the house and now even comes when he's called, most of the time.  He still has some learning to do, including figuring out what to do with toys other than carry them around.

Trixie is also being fostered by Monica's Heart members in the Binghamton area.

Both dogs have had their vet visits, gotten their shots and have been spayed and neutered, so they are ready to be adopted.

Information on Indy, Trixie and other retired racing greyhounds that are available for adoption can be found at Monica's Heart's website:

There have been few reports lately about the status of the water in the spill area. One of the latest reports about the leak from a Freedom Industries storage facility on the banks of the Elk River, contaminating the water supply for 300,000 said that pregnant women were still being told not to drink the water and it's been revealed a second chemical, other than the Crude MCHM that is used to clean coal, got into the river.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, regulators in West Virginia had demanded Freedom Industries to immediately disclose all materials involved in the spill after learning a mixture of polyglycol ethers, or PPH had also leaked.

That information was revealed January 22 and no other reports have been published.