In 1976, Many people said Rob Salamida was the answer to all spiedie lovers’ prayers when he put the first bottle of original STATE FAIR spiedie sauce on a grocery shelf in the Triple Cities. Most grocery stores had no idea what aisle to place it in but today shoppers from Maine to Florida can find many of the Salamida marinades in their local stores.

Motto: “Taste the excitement”

Founded: 1976

Led by: Rob Salamida

Why They’re Unique: The most unique aspect is that today, just as when Rob started on his parents pool table, the production method is still done with the same attention to detail; ingredients are bottled in separate stages to ensure the exact amount is the same in each bottle. The assurance of quality over high speed production methods has been the touchstone of Salamida’s State Fair Spiedie Sauce. It is still a hometown sauce with a homemade flavor that has sold millions of bottles, 16 ounces at a time.

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Meet The Expert

Rob Salamida began the business when he was 16 years old by cooking Spiedie sandwiches on a charcoal grill in front of a local tavern to earn college money.

After more than a year of letter writing, he finally convinced the New York State Fair officials to allow him space for an outdoor booth. At the time, he was the youngest person (19) to ever have his own food concession on the Syracuse Fairgrounds. Every summer for 12 years he built his reputation with the much sought after Spiedie sandwich. During one memorable year, a visitor at the Fair spent the entire day between the Spiedie booth and the beer tent and consumed 52 Spiedie sandwiches.

Since then you can now find Salamida Sauces and Marinades beyond the Greater Binghamton region at over 1,100 supermarkets across the United States.

1. What’s a Spiedi?

As our famous t-shirts will tell you…It’s a tasty treat of marinated meat, char-broiled and fed on Italian sliced bread. The term “spiedie” comes from the Italian word spiedo meaning spit or spiedini referring to cubes or balls of meat cooked on a skewer.

2. What’s the best way to cook a Spiedie?

Marinate cubed meat in Salamida State Fair Spiedie Sauce for at least 24 – 48 hours or longer if a stronger flavor is desired. Skewer meat and cook on a grill turning Spiedies frequently for even cooking. Traditionally Spiedies are served on a slice of Italian bread but now commonly served on sub rolls also.

3. What kind of meat should I use?

When Spiedies were first originated lamb was used but today chicken and pork have become the most popular choice. Salamida State Fair Spiedie Sauce tastes great on any kind of meat so feel free to experiment with any of your favorite kinds of meat or wild game.

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