A parody video posted on YouTube depicting a pro-fracking Governor Andrew Cuomo as Adolf Hitler is generating controversy.

The video uses about three-and-a-half minutes of a 2004 film called "Downfall."

Parodies using the scene accompanied by subtitles have circulated on the Internet for years.

The Cuomo-fracking feature apparently was posted last Thursday by a YouTube user identified as "manintheroom." It opens with the words "Prince Andrew's momentous decision."

The sequence then suggests the "people of New York do not want hydrofracking" while the "governor" has decided to give approval to the practice.

As of late Monday afternoon, YouTube indicated the video had been viewed 415 times.

Some activists who have been fighting fracking have criticized the video as inappropriate and offensive.

No comment from the governor's press office on the video was immediately available because the office was closed for the holiday.