Now that heavy equipment has brought down the unstable walls of what is left of the former Pa's Woodshed building and attached warehouses that burned Wednesday night, police officials say that cadaver dogs will be brought in to search for bodies.

The building has been vacant for decades however residents in the neighborhood say that homeless people had frequently been living in the Montgomery Street structure.

Fire officials say the huge blaze may have been started by vagrants attempting to keep warm or by an arsonist.  The cadaver dogs will determine if anyone was in the building when the fire broke our shortly before 10:30 on Wednesday night.

The property had been seized for back taxes but has been owned since 2001 by LCP Demolition and Construction of Vestal, which had plans to develop the property.  According to published reports, the City of Binghamton and Broome County would forgive all the back taxes held against the property and turn it over to LCP in exchange for the removal of the debris.