Binghamton police arrested three men on alcohol-related charges as they stopped a pair of Binghamton University fraternity house parties downtown.

Authorities say the big parties were underway early Saturday morning at neighboring frat houses.

City police say they learned that Tau Alpha Upsilon fraternity at 44 Exchange Street and Alpha Chi Rho fraternity at 86 Hawley Street were hosting large gatherings in conjunction with homecoming weekend.

Plainclothes officers posed as Binghamton University students were charged money to drink alcohol when they checked out the frat houses.

Police say hundreds of "obvious underage college students" were observed drinking inside the houses.

The parties were shut down and the students were sent back to campus or their residences.

Police say three arrests were made as the result of the investigation. Those charged were 21-year-old Zachary Stein of Hawley Street, 20-year-old Matthew Opramolla of Hawley Street and 21-year-old Claude Fong of Exchange Street.

The men face counts of prohibited sales of alcohol. They were released after the were processed at police headquarters, two blocks west of the frat houses.

Police say some cash was seized as evidence of the sale of alcohol at the parties.

As statement released by Binghamton University indicates two of the men charged are fraternity officers.

The university reports officials are reviewing the information provided by city police and gathering information from students involved in the incidents.

The university plans to notify the organizational offices and representatives of the two fraternities cited by police.