A former downtown Binghamton senior center is being sold to a computer support company.

City Council has unanimously approved the sale of the Greenman Center on Pine Street to Red Barn Technology Group, Inc. for $140,000.

The company, currently located on Front Street, is planning to donate some of the space in the building to the Magic Paintbrush Project.

The city Board of Estimate and Apportionment has also approved the sale, moving the deal forward.

Red Barn plans to move into the building while allowing space for the charitable organization which works with children with disabilities.

The company's bid was not the highest but council members said they looked at the planned uses for the building as put forth by the bidders as well as the monetary offers in making their choice.

The center closed in 2011 when the heating and air conditioning system failed.  It was determined that it would be too expensive to repair the system and the facility was put up for sale.